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Frequenty Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to most frequently asked questions about BuzzTarget. If you have any other questions, please email us at support@buzztarget.com.

Who uses BuzzTarget?

BuzzTarget is for any commercial real estate professional who is looking for an effective and easy way to buy/sell/lease/finance properties in a 3-in-1 marketing platform. Our community includes brokers, agents, owners, developers, service companies, tenants, financial services firms, lending institutions, property managers, and many others. You may also find What is it? and How It Works sections of our site helpful.

How can BuzzTarget help me?

BuzzTarget is a 3-in-1 platform that allows free unlimited listings, targeted email marketing distribution to our community of industry professionals, and the ability to target and manage your own private contacts lists. To provide the best functionality for all three services, we offer both free and premium monthly subscription plans to fit anyone's business needs. Please click here to see our subscription plan options.

Do BuzzTarget premium plans require a subscription period commitment?

We understand that some months are slower than others. Our premium subscription plans are monthly without a set time commitment. You can jump back and forth between plans depending on your current business needs. No questions asked.

How does BuzzTarget manage spam?

Our community of commercial real estate professionals are just that: professionals. However, just in case, we have several ways to ensure that email blasts stay relevant to you. Each member of the BuzzTarget community has the ability to set preferences so that only relevant emails find their way into the member's inbox. Furthermore, each email listing is submitted and reviewed by our internal content team to ensure compliance with our rules . Additionally, a member is allowed to send the same email only once every two weeks.

Can we partner with BuzzTarget?

We're flexible and always ready to listen to new, innovative ideas that will bring the most value to the commercial real estate community. There are many ways to partner with us. Please reach out to Diana Sonis at diana@buzztarget.com at anytime.

How do I upload my listings in bulk?

We're continuously working on releasing new features. In the meantime, we can help you upload your listings in bulk. Email us at support@buzztarget.com and we'll get those listings on BuzzTarget in no time.

Why should I use BuzzTarget?

It's simple. You list, send email blasts to industry lists, and to your private contacts to get the deal done. On BuzzTarget, you can do all three in one place. No double entry, no multiple open browser tabs/windows; just commercial real estate marketing tools that minimize time and maximize result. What's more, the ability to set very detailed email preferences when both sending and receiving email blasts ensures that your email blasts reach a very targeted audience of your choice, while the emails that reach your inbox are highly relevant to you.

What is the cost to search listings or list my listing on BuzzTarget?

Zero. It's completely free to not only search, but also to list your listings on BuzzTarget.com for registered members. You also have the option to feature your listing either on our homepage or at the top of listings search results. To learn more about featured listings visit our features page or check out our subscription plans to find the right option for you.

What geographic areas does BuzzTarget cover?

We are national. Our members come from all 50 states. International coverage coming soon!

How do I get started with BuzzTarget?

Getting started is simple and fast in three steps

    1-Visit our subscriptions plans page to select the option that works best for you.
    2-Once you select and register, be sure to set your personal email preferences by going to My Account > Preferences.
    3-If you have private contacts to upload, go to My Account > My Contacts.

You're now ready to create your listing and email blast by clicking on Create Listing. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at support@buzztarget.com at anytime.

Why is it important to set my preferences?

Your preferences dictate what you receive in your inbox. Because BuzzTarget is a targeted email marketing platform, we are on a serious mission to eliminate spam from your inbox. Setting preferences ensures that you will never miss a deal that is relevant to you, while eliminating any irrelevant emails from other BuzzTarget members.